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My Dear Malevich
MDM Kinetic-Glitch
Black Square Interpretations
Black Square Unmasked
Beyond Black Square
Red Sweep Black Square
Black Square Embellished
Black Square Space
Black Square Desecration
Black Square Merge: Nature
Black Square Cross Revolution
Bourgeois Black Square
Black Square TransFORMations
Black Square Rotation Black Circle
Black Square Stencil
Black Square Red Squares Statement
Black Square Disrupted
Prior to Black Square
Suprematist Variations
Digital Suprematism - Geometric Abstraction
The Primordial Pixel
Digital/New Media Art Program
International Digital Art Awards (IDAA)
Little Tommy
Panhandle Circle-square
New Media Art Workshop/NMA@NID
Windmills of a Mind's Eye
Retro Providence: 1985-1990
Mother's 45s
Mattie Oline: Thoughts of a Grandmother
The People of Longhu Town, China
People to People
The McEwen Photographic Studio
Variations on the Dan Mask
Curatorial Work
Southwest of Rusape
Descendants 350
Dyer Street Portraiture
Nocona - The Early Years
Buddha Earth
Just Words
Ahmedabad, India (2006)
Budapest, Hungary (2006)
United States Peace Corps Volunteer
Uncle Bud: A Glitch Tribute
Toe Totem
Soft Portraits
360 et al
Public Domain Reconstruction
Daddy Joe and Mommy Jean
Streak 16
SWR: TMC Revisited
Just In Time
Kites For Gandhi
DSP to Pixelscapes
Buddha's Stones
At the Movies: 1952-1969
Tom Series
China (2003-2007)
Forgotten and For Sale
9/11 Memorial, NYC
The Unconscious Glitch