Zhao/Chambers Joint Photo Exhibition

Chambers had the opportunity to collaborate with Zhao Zhenhai, a Chinese documentary photographer, by putting together a two-person show, Zhao/Chambers Joint Photo Exhibition. Zhao's photos cover the past twenty years throughout China, and Chambers' photos are recent (2004) under the namesake of The People of Longhu Town, China. This was the first time in Henan Province, China for a Chinese and American photographer to come together to offer an East/West perspective on the Chinese People and Culture. A few of Zhao's photographs can be seen by clicking coverage.

The exhibition poster is seen to the left. The large, red, Chinese characters read, "Joint Photo Exhibition". One of Mr. Zhao's photos is seen at the top, and one of Chambers' photos is seen at the bottom.
The photos below show the frontispiece describing the nature of the exhibition and Chambers speaking as Mr. Zhao looks on during the opening at the Library Gallery, Sheng Da College, Zhengzhou, China (June 18, 2004).
An overview of the exhibition at the Sheng Da College Library is seen to the left. A group of photographers (along with the Angel Photo Club at Sheng Da College: front row), Zhao, Chambers and Li Jin are seen in the photo below (left). Li Jin (yellow shirt) was instrumental in helping Chambers communicate with the denizens of Longhu Town. Speeches are seen being given in the photo below (right). (Photo credit: Cho Eun-mi.)