"Core Values" Vocabulary Building, 8th Period, 2012-2013

Seventh grade students were tasked to research [online] the meanings of the College Prep Academy's [6-8] "Core Values" ... Honor, Responsibility, Commitment and Citizenship ... and then use Microsoft Word to write short paragraphs using those words.

Click on thumbnails below to read the paragraphs. Note: pictures were downloaded from the Internet strictly for educational purposes.

Liliana Camarena Daniel Cervantes Brandon Hernandez Jovany Jurado Damain Lopez
Isaac Marin Armando Olvera Anthony Requena Daniela Rodriguez Nathaniel Salas
Alexis Sanchez Uriel Vazquez Yennifer Garfias

Definitions of the "Core Values":

Function: noun
1 a : a good name or public admiration : REPUTATION b : a showing of respect : RECOGNITION (a dinner in honor of a new coach)
2 : PRIVILEGE (whom have I the honor of addressing)
3 a capitalized-- used especially as a title for an official of high rank (as a judge) (if your Honor please) b : one whose worth brings respect or fame : CREDIT (an honor to your profession)
4 a : evidence or a symbol of great respect (as a title or medal) bplural : special credit or recognition given to graduating students for high achievement; also : a course of study for advanced students that is in place of or in addition to regular courses
5 a : PURITY b : high moral standards of behavior : INTEGRITY (a person of honor)
6 plural : courteous actions of a host or hostess (did the honors at the table)

Function: noun
1 : the quality or state of being responsible

Function: adjective
1 a : being the one who must answer or account for something (the committee responsible for the job) b : being the cause or explanation (the germ responsible for the disease)
2 a : able to meet one's obligations : RELIABLE (a responsible citizen) b : able to choose for oneself between right and wrong
3 : requiring a person to take charge of or be trusted with important matters (a responsible job)

Function: noun
1 : an act of committing
2 a : an agreement or pledge to do something in the future b : something pledged (financial commitments)

Function: verb
1 a : to make secure or put in safekeeping : ENTRUST (commit the poem to memory) b : to place in a prison or mental institution
2 : BRING ABOUT, PERFORM (commit a crime)
3 : to pledge or assign to some particular course or use (committed myself to a meeting on Thursday)

Function: noun
1 : possession of the rights and privileges of a citizen
2 : the quality of a person's response to membership in a community

Function: noun
1 : a person who lives in a city or town
2 a : a member of a state b : a person who owes allegiance to a government and is protected by it