RYSS Vocabulary Extended Class Trip with the Houston Audubon Society (HAS) [September, 2012]

Seventh grade students in 8th period vocabulary class traveled with the Houston Audubon Society to four different sites in Southeast Houston to make photographs, and take notes in their journals re: vocabulary as it relates to Early Texas/Houston History (Grade 7 Texas History) and nature (Grade 7 Science). The four sites: Dawson Lunnon Cemetery, Glendale Cemetery, Mason Park and Sims Bayou Nature Center.

The students wrote about their photographs in Microsoft Word. This is called Literacy Through Photography [LTP]. It is a teaching philosophy and methodology that encourages children to explore their world as they photograph scenes from their own perspective. They use their images as catalysts for verbal and written expression. In connecting picture making with writing and critical thinking, LTP promotes an expansive use of photography across different curricula and disciplines, building on the information that students naturally possess. (Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University)

The students' photographs can be accessed at: NATURE/CEMETERIES.

Their writing [LTP]:

Karyme Almaguer Dalia Barron Liliana Camarena Daniel Cervantes Yennifer Garfias
Ruben Gonzalez Brandon Hernandez Jovany Jurado Damien Lopez Isaac Marin
William Mejia Armando Olvera Anthony Requena Daniela Rodriguez Nathaniel Salas
Sarahit Tapia

Their writing is also posted on the RYSS LTP blog.

Dawson-Lunnon Cemetery (African American) The cemetery (ca. 1915-1950) is located at 5737 Kemp Street, Houston, Texas. It is adjacent to Mt. Gilead Missionary Bapist Church, which is now in ruins.

Glendale Cemetery The cemetery is the oldest burial place in Houston. Texas heroes and pioneers are buried here. It began as a private plot of the family of John R. Harris, founder of Harrisburg (now part of Houston). The first burial was on July 23, 1839. He was Judge John Birdsall and Attorney General of Texas (Mrs. Harris' cousin). The cemetery developed without management or legal status. In 1897, local women formed the Glendale Cemetery Company, and kept the grounds in order for years. After a period of neglect, a group began restoration in 1952. The Glendale Cemetery Association now manages the property.

Another person buried at this cemetery: Mary Jane Harris Briscoe (born, August 17, 1819; died, March 8, 1903). She was the only daughter of John Richardson and Jane Birdsall Harris, Texas Pioneers. She was the Descendant of the Historic Harris Family of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and of the Birdsalls who settled in Long Island, New York. She was the widow of Andrew Briscoe, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and Captain of the Regulars at the Battle of San Jacinto.

It is located at the east end of Magnolia Street, two blocks east of Broadway in Old Harrisburg.

Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center (SBUNC) is a 1.1-acre sanctuary located in historic Park Place on the original channel of Sims Bayou. It was established in 1997 by the nonprofit Greater Park Place Community Development Corporation to help revitalize the area. That group created educational and environmental programs. The center is the education campus and home to Houston Audubon’s education department. The facilities give Houston Audubon needed space to expand many of its programs, and develop new ones.

It is located at 3997 River Drive, Houston.

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