To know one's parents ...

To know one's parents is an important aspect of everyone's life, and the teacher [Mr. Chambers] regrets that he never reached out to his mother and father to know what kind of individuals - human beings - they were. His parents passed away in the 1980s. All he knows is that they were "mother"/"father" figures, and he will never know their interests, desires, fears, beliefs, expectations, disappointments, accomplishments, likes/dislikes, hobbies, family relationships, friendships - and the list goes on. He mentioned to his enrichment class [sixth, seventh and eighth grade students] that he had a big "hole" in his heart because of not knowing who his parents were, and he didn't want them [students] to have the same regret. Mr. Chambers believes that this project - "To know one's parents ..." - moved the students towards seeing their parents in a different light.

The students were asked to interview their parents [take notes], convert the notes into third-person stories, read their stories onto a voice recorder, combine their voice recordings with music via Audacity [sound editing software], and then use their voice/music combinations with photographs via MovieMaker to produce movies [slide shows]. The interview process helped them gain confidence in having dialogue with adults, the notes conversion to a third-person story honed their writing skills, and the multimedia approach immersed the students in sound and movie editing software to hone their digital production skills. It was mentioned that they were involved with a production process that is practiced worldwide in various industries that require sound and movie editing.

Please scroll and click on the players below to view the movies [slide shows] [Images downloaded from; music - public domain] [Allow downloading time.].

"Mother" by Jovany Aguirre [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Maribel Andrade [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Yennifer Garcia [6th Grade]

"Mother" by Jessica Gonzalez [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Samuel Hernandez [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Rossy Martinez [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Destiny Ocampo [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Yulissa Perez [7th Grade]

"Father" by Francisco Rosas [8th Grade]

"Father" by Jose Tamayo [7th Grade]

"Mother" by Adilene Vasquez [6th Grade]

"Mother" by Joceline Zuniga [7th Grade]