Southwest of Rusape: The Mucharambeyi Connection
Opening at U.S.I.S., Harare, Zimbabwe, 1995

Left to right: David Bellama [Country Director, United States Peace Corps, Zimbabwe], Lucy Hall [Director, United States Information Service, Zimbabwe], Tom R. Chambers, Johnnie Carson [U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe].

Tom R. Chambers with two friends of the Mucharambeyi family.

Tom R. Chambers gives a speech at the opening as Mr. and Mrs. Mucharambeyi look on.

Part of the audience at the opening; notice several of the SoR:TMC photo prints in the background.

More SoR:TMC prints seen on the wall as three attendees look on.

More SoR:TMC prints seen in the background as attendees view and converse. Tom R. Chambers is seen in maroon shirt [back to camera], and Christopher Chipfuya [Art Conservator, National Gallery of Zimbabwe (*)] is seen with red tie.