Raul Yzaguirre School For Success [RYSS] - NASA Special Field Trip
[December 16, 2010]

Two core groups of students [8th Grade] from Raul Yzaguirre School for Success [RYSS] participated in the NASA STEM Educational Outreach Pilot Program by setting up three Space Science experiments, or activities in the Technology Applications classroom to explore, and learn Engineering, Science, and Mathematics concepts:

RYSS Space Science Experiments/Activities

The program is related to the International Space Station (ISS) as a National Laboratory. This new NASA program is about to go through beta testing and review, and Raul Yzaguirre School For Success, and other schools were involved in this PILOT program. The feedback from the students, and teachers will be incorporated into the final Educator Resource Guide that will undergo NASA Education Product Review. As a tribute to the schools involved, the final educational products will list them as participants in this NASA development effort. The curriculum will have an "ISS is Cool" campaign which will focus on making ISS and STEM interesting for children.

As an additional thank you for the RYSS students' participation, they were invited by the NASA STEM team to take a special tour of NASA, which included the Space Shuttle Flight Control Room, International Space Station Flight Control Room, Apollo Era Mission Operations Control Room [floor tour], Space Vehicle Mockup Facility [floor tour], Sonny Carter Training Facility/Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, and "Space Center". Mr. Brian Freedman [NASA Community and Government Relations Office] conducted the morning tour; and Ms. Antja Chambers and Ms. Alma Tapia [NASA Spacesuit Engineering and STEM Educational Outreach Team] conducted the afternoon tour.

Photographs and a movie follow to showcase this special field trip to NASA :

RYSS - NASA movie

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