Retro Providence: 1985-1990 (Scroll horizontally to view images and vertically to read text.)

July 27, 1985 (Commissioning of the USS Providence Submarine, Groton, Connecticut)

September 27-28, 1985 (Hurricane Gloria, Aldermen's Chambers, City Hall)

January 15, 1986 ("Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration", City Hall)

April 26, 1986 (Little League Opening Ceremonies, Jastram Street)

June 21, 1986 ("350th Celebration", Roger Williams Landing, Ganost Park)

June 21, 1986 ("350th Celebration", "Colonial Faire", Kennedy Plaza)

July 4, 1986 ("July Fourth Celebration", Temple of Music, Roger Williams Park)

August 1, 1986 ("Emancipation Day", Roger Williams Park)

September 27, 1986 (Canonicus Square Rededication)

October 12, 1986 ("Columbus Day Parade", Federal Hill)

February 13, 1987 ("Shadowing Program", Fire Department)

May 3, 1987 ("Talkin' Drums", "RISD Third Annual Awareness Day")

February 23, 1988 ("Drug March", West End, Cranston Street)

June 14, 1988 ("Flag Day", City Hall)

October 16, 1988 ("100th Anniversary", Food Bank Fundraiser, Haven Brothers, Kennedy Plaza)

March 21, 1989 ("Purim Parade", Jewish Community Center)

April 30, 1989 ("Say No", Coal Burning Plant Rally, State House)

June 21, 1989 ("Prospect Terrace Park Dedication")

June 29, 1989 (Youth Conservation Corps, Swearing-in, City Hall)

July 4, 1989 ("July Fourth Celebration", Roomful of Blues, City Hall)

August 18, 1989 ("Buckle That Belt", Arrow Cab, Kelly's Car Wash)

March 10, 1990 ("Saint Patrick's Day Parade", Smith Street)

June 7, 1990 (Graduation Ceremony, Roger Williams Day Care Center)

June 13, 1990 (Central High School Graduation, Providence Perfoming Arts Center)

August 1, 1990 ("First Annual Olympiad", "Ethnic Tolerance", Recreation Department, Hope High School Track Field)

August 14, 1990 ("I Have A Dream", Campus Compact, City Hall)

August 16, 1990 ("New Police Uniforms" Press Conference, Communications Building Parking Lot)

Tom R. Chambers returns to Providence to showcase a sampling of his coverage as Mayoral and City Photographer for Providence, 1985-1990. The exhibition comprises 60 prints of city activities and its people 26-31 years ago. Twenty-seven images above are shown from the project. The coverage over a six-year period is a direct result of a mayor's presence and activity throughout the environs of a city. It is assignment-based via a press secretary's office, City Hall.

The viewers of this exhibit are able to reflect on city environs/activities, and compare yesterday's with today's Providence. For those individuals who were a part of the coverage during that period of time and now, it will undoubtedly hold dear their involvement/participation that comprises this time capsule.

The project is similar to the "Hot City" exhibit that Chambers compiled when he worked for the City of Providence in 1989. At that time, American Photo magazine listed the exhibition in its "Notable Exhibitions" section in their July 1989 issue.

These photographs/prints and all negatives that Chambers made during his tenure are part of City Archives as the "Tom R. Chambers Collection". Go to the collection to view a portion of the negative files, test prints, and communications.


Corridor Gallery, City Archives, City Hall (Sponsored by Providence City Archives), Providence, Rhode Island, October 14 - December 14, 2016.

Opening (October 14, 2016 [7-9pm]) (Scroll horizontally to view images; click on images to bring up larger versions.) (Photos by Cho Eunmi and Tom R. Chambers.):

Tom R. Chambers is seen in front of the exhibition.

Caleb Horton (Deputy City Archivist) and Tom R. Chambers are seen in front of the exhibition.

Tom R. Chambers is seen talking with Nina Zanneri (Director, The Paul Revere House Museum).

Tom R. Chambers is seen with Diane Vogel and Mike Whitney.

A portion of the exhibition at City Archives.

A portion of the exhibition at City Archives.

A portion of the exhibition at City Archives.

Frontispiece, Media Coverage and City Archives letter (Click on images for larger version and PDF.):