Photo Art projects

Mother's 45s: Chambers' mother died in 1983. When he was a child, he used to sit on his mother's lap and listen to her 45rpm records. A year or so after her death, he made a trip home and picked up this collection of records along with an album of family photographs. It struck him that he could relieve some of his grief, and pay tribute to his mother through a visual arts project involving the records/songs and photographs. The project was exhibited at Gallery One (Providence, Rhode Island) (1990), and selected through national search for inclusion in the Parents exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 1992.>>
Variations on the Dan Mask: When Chambers worked with the Permanent Collection at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, he became interested in the Traditional African mask form. He generated a series of interpretations of this mask form by utilizing the photogram technique. The process of the mask actually making contact with the photographic paper each time is an important aspect (spiritually?) of this transference from a Traditional form to a Contemporary one. This project was exhibited at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (by invitation), 1995. >>
VP90: Chambers produced and directed VP90 as a pilot project of Release [to be further developed and produced] at the Rhode Island School of Design and as a part of First Night Providence in Providence, Rhode Island, 1989. This interplay of the animate (dancers/performers) and inanimate (photographic hardware/film) with subtitles such as Flash Dance, Polaroid Power, Transference, Paparazzi, Flash Fire, Video Waltz, Travel Log, Shadow Play, etc. was well-received.>>