Featured Photographer at PhotoRequest (Interview): Chambers was the Featured Photographer at PhotoRequest (no longer online). His interview begins, "This is a difficult question to answer, since we really don't know until we either experience a particular situation or have some kind of revelation through exposure. I suppose I had a reasonably good idea or feeling when a friend of mine placed a camera in my hand in 1972. At that moment, the hardware (a Pentax, by the way) seemed to beckon me. It was as if I was six years old holding a shiny, red ball, and I had to play, play, play! And twenty-five years later, I'm still playing ...">>
Featured Artist at Avenue Gallery (Interview): Chambers was the Featured Artist at Avenue Gallery (no longer online) about his mixed media/interactive piece, Mother's 45s. The gallery curator, Morgan says, "Every person on this planet has a mother. This fact makes it easy to relate to Tom R. Chambers' exhibit, Mother's 45s. The collection is one of the most powerful and heartfelt works that Avenue has had the opportunity to display. Just as exciting was the chance to find out more about the person who created it. Prepare to explore the consciousness of an extraordinary artist ...">>
RIT Photo Forum: Chambers coordinated the HYPERLINK - Worldwide Photo Forum exhibition for RIT's (Rochester Institute of Technology) Photo Forum. He says, "This may be the first time that individuals have come together through this kind of hyperlinkage process on the Web to share and project a common interest - in this case, the medium of photography. This holistic approach tests the true potential of cyberspace to be able to merge space from different points on the globe." News coverage: Focus (Filmag, The Philippines, January 26, 1998) follows ...>>
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