The People of Longhu Town, China (Scroll horizontally to view images and vertically to read text.)

Chambers had the opportunity to collaborate with Zhao Zhenhai, a Chinese documentary photographer, by putting together a two-person show, "Zhao/Chambers Joint Photo Exhibition". Zhao's photos cover the past twenty years throughout China, and Chambers' photos are from 2004 under the namesake of "The People of Longhu Town, China". This was the first time in Henan Province, China for a Chinese and American photographer to come together to offer an East/West perspective on the Chinese People and Culture. A few of Zhao's photographs can be seen by clicking coverage.

Chambers' photo sessions are staged in the sense that the subjects are posed in relation to their surroundings. A 20mm lens (extreme wide angle) is used to "condense" the view, and show the backdrop/background. The subjects' posture and expression come across as natural, but their "look" is manipulated through constant encouragement. They're not smiling, and in Chambers' opinion, a documentary portrait should not include this kind of expression. As soon as a subject smiles for the camera, he or she breaks character. This action dilutes the nature of the image, and it becomes nothing more than a standard studio portrait.









"Focus On Your World - Zhao/Chambers Joint Photo Exhibition" ("The People of Longhu Town, China") (group show: Zhao Zhenhai, Tom R. Chambers and Zhao's photo students), Yellow River College of Technology, Zhengzhou, China, April, 2005.

"Zhao/Chambers Joint Photo Exhibition" ("The People of Longhu Town, China") (two-person show: Zhao Zhenhai and Tom R. Chambers), Library Gallery, Sheng Da College, Zhengzhou, China, June, 2004 (view installation/opening).