Tom R. Chambers
PhotoForum Group Show (2001)

Korean Mechanic

Additional details: Car trouble ... image taken en route from Masan to Daegu, South Korea.

This image was exhibited as a part of PhotoForum's (RIT) Group Show.

Review comments:

"Iíd never know from looking at this picture that the dark figure is a mechanic. But then I canít read Korean in reverse. I see an arm emerging from a short-sleeved shirt, but the rest is black. I tried cropping off some of the left side, but that doesnít help much. The window and red awning is what makes this intriguing."
(John Palcewski/

"I don't know what it is about this picture, but I find it really cool. Technically, it's perfect, but even more than that it is just such an unusual subject ... the unexpected, I guess. This would be my pick of the group."
(Kim Koluch /