Tom R. Chambers

Tom R. Chambers is a documentary photographer and visual artist, and he is currently working with the pixel as Minimalist Art ("Pixelscapes") and Kazimir Malevich's "Black Square" ("Black Square Interpretations"). He has over 100 exhibitions to his credit. His "My Dear Malevich" project has received international acclaim, and it was shown as a part of the "Suprematism Infinity: Reflections, Interpretations, Explorations" exhibition in conjunction with the "100 Years of Suprematism" conference at Columbia University, New York City (2015).

Chambers' project, "Tom Series" has been shown in eighteen exhibitions worldwide (2006-2015). He utilizes the self-portrait to project his life experiences.

He was invited by the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India to conduct a three-week, new media art workshop for its new media design graduate students. The workshop culminated in the exhibition, "NMA@NID" (2006).

Chambers was Visiting Lecturer in Digital/New Media Art for the Fine Arts Department, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, China (2005-2007). He joined the department to develop and teach a digital/new media art program. He also curated numerous student exhibitions.

He was Executive Committee Member and Juror for the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA) (2003-2005). He was instrumental in expanding the content of the IDAA to include new media art, and served as online New Media Director (2004-2005).

Chambers completed a three-year tour as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in the Arts (curator/archivist and initiator/instructor ["The McEwen Photographic Studio"]) for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe (1993-1995). He was instrumental in writing grant proposals and receiving funding to computerize the gallery’s Permanent Collection information. He also curated numerous exhibitions from the Permanent Collection.

His tribute piece (mixed media/interactive work), "Mother's 45s" was selected through national search for exhibition as a part of the "Parents" show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 1992.

Chambers' project, "Descendants 350" was shown throughout Rhode Island, and accepted by the Secretary of State (Rhode Island) as a part of the Rhode Island State Archives Permanent Collection (1990) (The project received a Governor's [Rhode Island] Proclamation).

American Photo magazine listed one of his projects, "Dyer Street Portraiture" in the Notable Exhibitions section of its March, 1986 issue ("The black-andwhite images record a diversity of common people in an urban habitat with an ambiance of film noir.").


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The pixel as Minimalist Art The pixel as Minimalist Art: In 2000, Chambers began to equate the pixel with the works of non-objective artists like Vasily Kandinsky, Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian.

The Primordial Pixel The Primordial Pixel: Chambers continues to equate the pixel with the works of non-objective artists, particularly those who worked/work with Color Field painting.

My Dear Malevich My Dear Malevich: This homage to Kazimir Malevich is a confirmation of Chambers' "Pixelscapes" as Minimalist Art and in keeping with Malevich's Suprematism.

Black Square Interpretations Black Square Interpretations: Chambers pays tribute to Kazimir Malevich, and interprets his "Black Square" by moving this iconic geometric figure towards Neosuprematism.

The Unconscious Glitch The Unconscious Glitch: Chambers equates the "glitch" with Carl Jung's "archetypes" via the repetition of a portrait of Carl Jung and variations of its "glitched" image.

PoA PoA: Chambers recites the Pledge of Allegiance, manipulates the audio in Audacity, and then combines it with the colors, red/white/blue to create a visual/auditory mantra.

Tom Series Tom Series: Chambers utilizes the self-portrait to project his life experiences. His portrait remains constant with the experience [situation] indicated as a change or flux in the image.

Little Tommy Little Tommy: Chambers utilizes a photograph taken of him around the age of two or so (1949-1950). The kinetic, glitch treatment addresses the mind attempting to grasp the far past - and extreme youth.

Mother's 45s Mother's 45s: Chambers matched his mother's 45rpm records with the family photographs to pay tribute [She passed away in 1983.]. The project is a blend of the documentary and visual art approach.

Mattie Oline: Thoughts of a Grandmother Mattie Oline: Thoughts of a Grandmother: Chambers pays tribute to his grandmother, Mattie Oline (Battles) Meekins, 1899-1997. She kept a diary from 1948 through part of 1993.

Uncle Bud: A Glitch Tribute Uncle Bud: A Glitch Tribute: Chambers pays tribute to his uncle, Carol Don "Bud" Meekins (1935-2015). Bud was twelve years old when Chambers was born. They grew up together.

Nocona - The Early Years Nocona - The Early Years: This selection of photographs provided by the citizens and now residing in the Permanent Collection of the Tales 'N' Trails Museum shows the early years of Nocona (Texas) and surrounding areas.

At the Movies: 1952-1969 At the Movies: 1952-1969: The video spans 18 years (1952-1969; kindergarten through college) via movie titles that begin to paint/stroke an abstraction.

Variations on the Dan Mask Variations on the Dan Mask: Chambers used an African mask from the Dan Tribe in Eastern Liberia as the object for the generation of photograms to compare traditional and contemporary art forms.

Retro Providence: 1985-1990 Retro Providence: 1985-1990: Chambers returns to Providence to showcase a sampling of his coverage as Mayoral and City Photographer for Providence, 1985-1990.

Descendants 350 Descendants 350: This project pays tribute to the First Settlers of Rhode Island - their trials and tribulations that they were subjected to during the early to middle 1600s.

Hot City Hot City: Chambers made over 100,000 images during his tenure as Staff Photographer for the Executive Office of the Mayor, Providence, Rhode Island.

Dyer Street Portraiture Dyer Street Portraiture: "The black-and-white images record a diversity of common people in an urban habitat with an ambiance of film noir." (American Photo magazine, March, 1986)

SWR:TMC SWR:TMC: This project is in association with the Mucharambeyi family in Rusape, Zimbabwe, and sponsored by U.S.I.S., Harare as an inaugural exhibition/event for the center opening.

Ahmedabad, India Ahmedabad, India: This project focuses on the streets in and around the city of Ahmedabad. Chambers made these photographs with the assistance of his students via introductions and translations.

Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary: This project focuses on the streets in and around the city of Budapest. Chambers made these photographs while visiting Istvan Horkay, a Hungarian artist.

People to People People to People: This project takes a look at the Korean people through documentary portraits. Chambers' photographs are combined with those of a Korean photographer, Choi Ok-soo.

The People of Longhu Town The People of Longhu Town: This project takes a look at the Chinese people through documentary portraits. Chambers' photographs are combined with those of a Chinese photographer, Zhao Zenhai.

The Great Walk The Great Walk: Chambers' students in China - quoting after Mao Zedong - said, "He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man." Chambers climbed/walked part of it at Mu Tian Yu.

Just Words Just Words: This project pays tribute to the Native Americans. The namesake is a play on the "White man's" broken promises, and the words seen as a part of the art reflect Chambers' emotional states.

Buddha Earth Buddha Earth: Chambers made this work for Common Ground ... a touring art exhibition which premiered in Beijing, China in November 2008, and continued in North America and Europe in 2010.

Panhandle Circle-square Panhandle Circle-square: Chambers explores [via Google Earth] the crop circles in the Texas Panhandle. These Earth canvases [Found Art] rival the works of some non-objective artists.

Digital Art Projects (Other) Digital Art Projects (Other): Various art works including Metropolis, Point of View, Rosary, Tomato Box, Fish Story, Feeding Frenzy, Geo, Blue Sky, Toe Totem, Another China, Soft Portraits, etc.

New Media Art Projects (Other) New Media Art Projects (Other): Various art works including 360, Public Domain Reconstruction, Streak 16, Mother's 45s Revisited, SWR: TMC Revisited, Pscan Derivatives, Ptone Derivatives, etc.

Photo Documentary Projects (Other) Photo Documentary Projects (Other): Photo documentary projects including Hot City (Providence, Rhode Island) and Buddha's Stones: A Stacking Comparison.

Curatorial work at NGZ Curatorial work at NGZ: Chambers performed extensive curatorial work at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Africa. He spent three years there as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Arts.

USPC USPC: Chambers joined the United States Peace Corps in September of 1992. The three years that followed have been the best and most fulfilling in his career.

Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Posters Mercury/Gemini/Apollo Posters: Chambers has designed these posters utilizing NASA images to provide impetus for continued, manned, Space exploration. He wants to recapture the excitement of 50 years ago.

Involvement with the IDAA Involvement with the IDAA: Chambers was Executive Committee Member and Juror for the IDAA (International Digital Art Award [IDA based in Australia/England]), 2003-2005 IDAA exhibitions.

Involvement with the AeA Involvement with the AeA: Chambers is currently on the Advisory Board for the Academy of Electronic Arts, and his students at RYSS have shown their Digital Art at the annual CeC in India.

BFA lecture BFA lecture: Chambers was invited by the Fine Arts Department, New Media, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China to give a retrospective lecture, Dyer Street Portraiture to Pixelscapes.

Focus Gallery Focus Gallery: A gallery for those individuals utilizing digital generation and manipulation as an art form. It was founded in 1997, making it one of the oldest on the Internet. Its status today is of a historical nature.

Travelogue Travelogue: Sheng Da College - an American teacher's experience near Zhengzhou, China. Chambers traveled extensively throughout central China via his student connections.

Exhibitions Exhibitions: Over 100 installations in the U.S.A., South Korea, China, India, Australia, England, Russia, Zimbabwe, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, and Spain.

News Articles News Articles: The New Paper, The Providence Journal-Bulletin, Providence Business News, Arts and Cultural Times, Warwick Beacon, American Photo, Rhode Island Monthly, etc.

Artist Statement Artist Statement: Good technique is necessary to attain a certain level of craftsmanship and competence, but more importantly, is the nurturing of the psyche to a level ...

Misc. Misc.: Featured Photographer at PhotoRequest, Featured Artist at Avenue Gallery, RIT PhotoForum, and Links.

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Teacher at RYSS Teacher at RYSS: Chambers' students' projects and accomplishments in Technology Applications, College Prep Academy, Raul Yzaguirre School for Success, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Visiting Lecturer at ZQU Visiting Lecturer at ZQU: Chambers' art students' projects and accomplishments in Digital/New Media Art at the Fine Arts Department, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, China.

NMA@NIDNMA@NID: Chambers' graduate students' projects and accomplishments in Digital/New Media Art at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. The no-constraints workshop encouraged self-expression through computer technology within a Fine Arts context. According to Chambers, art created via New Media should follow traditional conventions in the sense of appreciation for existing foundations and their various Art Movements. He has tried to instill this within the workshop process, and an overview of the exhibition sees an emotional component and search for truth that permeate the Fine Arts.

The McEwen Photo Studio The McEwen Photo Studio: Chambers initiated and implemented this photographic studio for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa), and its namesake is a tribute to Frank McEwen, the Gallery's first Director, and in recognition of his Workshop School activities for Black African artists during the 1950s and 1960s. His (McEwen's) insight to nurture (then) exceptional talent through a rediscovered medium ... sculpting in stone ... is now reflected through international recognition of this contemporary art form. The students' photographs were exhibited as "Moments In Time" (1993), "Moments In Time II" (1994) and "Moments In Time III" (1995) at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Chambers received a letter from McEwen stating his appreciation of his namesake being used for the studio. Edward Gibson Lanpher, U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe officially opened "Moments In Time" and "Moments In Time II", and David Bellama, Country Director, Zimbabwe, United States Peace Corps officially opened "Moments In Time III". Kodak Zimbabwe was the generous sponsor of the studio.

Workshops for at-risk youth Workshops for at-risk youth: This six-week photographic workshop was conducted for inner-City youth at the Whitmarsh House, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. as a part of the Metro Arts program, a substance-abuse prevention program through the Arts. The Polaroid medium was utilized to offer instant results as visual concepts were pursued.

SKIA (Street Kids In Action) SKIA (Street Kids In Action): Chambers' Tertiary Project as a Peace Corps Volunteer to reach out via grass-roots development to street children and young adults through a program called, Street Kids In Action. This educational/vocational program brought together interested parties in the African community to make an attempt to solve the 'street problem'. Concerted efforts resulted in substantial funds being raised to offer opportunities to these at-risk young people.

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