Artist Statement

"Good technique is necessary to attain a certain level of craftsmanship and competence, but more importantly, is the nurturing of the psyche to a level where the technique becomes second nature, so the subconscious prevails over the conscious (the physical doing).

This is where creativity is found within all of us. Technique is only a means to that end, but many artists and photographers flounder, because they have become good craftsmen only, by mastering just the technique and not themselves (their subconscious).

Once this subconscious comes to the forefront with a medium, the image or the incorporation of the image as a part of a whole, transcends the medium and becomes truth for its creator, the artist/photographer. In other words, the image itself or as an item, has no significance.

What is significant is the artist/photographer subconsciously offering truth through the image or the incorporation of the image as a part of a whole to evoke viewer response and effect change, whether it is within the subtleties of a straightforward documentary image or within a blatant juxtaposition of an image with other media."

Tom R. Chambers

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