Eighth Grade "Gun Violence in Schools" Brochures, 2012-2013

Eighth grade students used Microsoft Publisher to create brochures re: "Gun Violence in Schools". This project is in response to the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut (December 14, 2012) where 20 children and six adults (staff) lost their lives.

Go to Dear Newtown, an immediate response (project) by Mr. Chambers' 7th grade classes, first semester of the school year. The day of the shooting, the students in second period actually experienced the event close to real time since they were using Yahoo News to read a news story, and then write an opinion about it. They were shocked ... as well as Mr. Chambers ... as the coverage of the tragedy unfolded.

The eighth graders conducted research on the Internet, and then worked with this copy [text], their own words and pictures to put together these informational publications. The duality of the project placed the students in a situation to focus on this social issue they may address later in life in academia and at the workplace, and produce products ... brochures ... via publishing software to hone their skills in this respect and as they apply to this vocation. The students were also asked to present their brochures through projection and discussion. The brochures seen online are a selection from the eighth grade class (editing in progress).

Click on the names below to view/read the brochures [PDF format]. Note: pictures were downloaded from the Internet strictly for educational purposes.

Jovany Aguirre Rodrigo Arana Nayely Celis Jorge Cervantes Christopher Chavarria
Adrian Delgado Mandy De Ochoa Lorena Flores Maribel Garza Crisante Guzman
Brenda Izaguirre Yailine Izarraras Rene Lopez Jennifer Luna Malberth Mairena
Abigail Manzano Amy Martinez Gabriel Martinez Jesus Martinez Nancy Martinez
William Mora Jennifer Morales Francisco Moreno Samuel Palacios Yulissa Perez
Gladys Ruvalcaba Mariah Sanchez Dulce Torres Gualberto Torres Tori Valerio
Michael Vallejo Alberto Vasquez