A series of applets is utilized to dramatize the change/flux of "Mother Earth" to create Abstract representations of "Her" geography and climate. The original image is transformed - over and over - via the applets to reflect kinetics in Nature. (Note: these applets may or may not work on your computer today.)

Click on Anfy versions (applets by Fabio Ciucci)

Geo II    Geo III    Geo IV    Geo V

Geo VI    Geo VII    Geo VIII    Geo IX

Geo X    Geo XI    Geo XII    Geo XIII     Geo XIV

"Nice application of my applets. I majored at the Institute of the Arts here in Lucca, Italy. After all, the Anfy applets are meant to be art, mostly. Thanks for the credit." (Fabio Ciucci)

Geo (along with Blades and Mutation) was exhibited as a part of the IDAA 2001 online exhibition and at the Noosa Regional Gallery, Australia.