A series of applets is utilized to dramatize the change/flux of "Mother Earth" to create Abstract representations of "Her" geography and climate. The original image is transformed - over and over - via the applets to reflect kinetics in Nature.

Click on Anfy versions (applets by Fabio Ciucci)

Geo II    Geo III    Geo IV    Geo V

Geo VI    Geo VII    Geo VIII    Geo IX

Geo X    Geo XI    Geo XII    Geo XIII     Geo XIV

"Nice application of my applets. I majored at the Institute of the Arts here in Lucca, Italy. After all, the Anfy applets are meant to be art, mostly. Thanks for the credit." (Fabio Ciucci)

Geo [along with Blades and Mutation] was exhibited as a part of the IDAA 2001 online exhibition and at the Noosa Regional Gallery, Australia.