Tom R. Chambers
PhotoForum Group Show (2000)

Cyber Temple

Additional details: Tongdo Temple near Busan, South Korea.

This image was exhibited as a part of PhotoForum's (RIT) Group Show.

"As material civilization develops, cultivate spiritual civilization accordingly."
"All are incarnations of truth-Buddha, do each thing as an offering of worship to the Buddha."
"Practice meditation continually, practice meditation everywhere."
"Keep such oneness in motion and in quietness, maintain the full oneness of the spirit and the body."
"Buddhist truth is found in life, life is Buddhist truth itself."

(‘The Scripture of Won Buddhism’, Pal Khn Chon, The Commemorating Commission for Sacred Achievements of the Great Master of Won Buddhism, Won Kwang Publishing Co., Iri, The Republic of Korea, 1988)

In the distant past, the above quotes were contained at the temples via handwritten manuscripts ... in the recent past, were publicized somewhat via publishing houses ... but today, are projected in cyberspace via various Buddhist websites. So, the Internet has reached even the outmost and "sacred" areas to spread this gospel. Inevitable, I suppose, and in keeping with TV Evangelism that usurped the dusty Bible put away in some dark corner to reach the masses.

Review comments:

"From the fertile mind of Tom Chambers. Quite thought provoking."
(Bob Roseman/

"Something different. Makes me think of real cyberspace, or reality overlay equipment, where my perceptions really would be mediated through a computer, and I might really see digital artifacts in front of me."
(David Dyer-Bennet/

"I am taking a class right now that allows me to really enjoy this image and your quotation, Tom. The clearly defined figures entering the undefined building reminds me of Buddhists entering the state of Sanyata, or nothingness--removing themselves from the outer world so to say. I like this very much, and as I said it holds much meaning to me at this particular time."
(Marilyn Dalrymple/

"The cyber-temple, supplanting the role of traditional temples? It may only be a simulation, but it's as real as you need? Simulation is sufficient, because it's your spirituality, not the buildings that are important? They're the things that it seems to be saying to me anyway."
(Steve Hodges/

"The telephoto lens of Tom chambers focuses the viewers power of concentration on the reflective mirror images framing the 'Cyber Temple' as though silhouetting the image with two bookend hands embracing our experimental present, in the foreground shadowed by the teacher of our past, projecting to the illumination of a future traveling in serenity, in reality is the extension of our present. Our world is the perception of our thoughts; or are our thoughts permeated by the perception of our world."

"The temple image ... very interesting ... tension in the heart of the sacred."