Parts make a whole

Chambers put together this exercise in irony and interaction. He doesn't necessarily want you (the participant) to view the whole, which is a record of one of the saddest and most shameful periods in his country's (America) history. Perhaps a part or glimpse is enough. However, it is possible to access the record through continued utilization of the mouse - a chasing of history, if you will - and as you move the mouse about, the exercise becomes kinetic (Abstract Expressionistic). (Interact by moving mouse over the black area for each piece; scroll horizontally to interact with each piece.)

Note: Part of the Rhizome ArtBase. Founded in 1999, the Rhizome ArtBase is an online archive of new media art containing some 1600 art works, and growing. The ArtBase encompasses a vast range of projects by artists all over the world that employ materials including software, code, websites, moving image, games and browsers to aesthetic and critical ends.

Pmaw-1: R to L: 3 up; 7 across
Pmaw-2: L to R: 3 up; 5 across
Pmaw-3: R to L: 2 down; 10 across
Pmaw-4: R to L: 2 up; 3 across
Pmaw-5: L to R: 5 down; 9 across
Pmaw-6: L to R: 2 down; 2 across
Pmaw-7: L to R: 4 down; 10 across