Company Flyers [2011-2012]

Eighth grade students at Raul Yzaguirre School for Success [Houston, TX] were tasked to research Houston company websites to produce flyers in Microsoft Publisher. They became familiar with their respective companies' products and services, and then used company information, visuals and their words [copywriting/advertising] to construct 8 ˝” X 11” flyers to inform the general public, and promote the companies.

A wide range of companies were assigned to the students for research and flyer production. The teacher was in the role of company manager, and the students were in the roles of advertising department employees to simulate real-world application. They projected, and discussed their flyers so all students could have an idea of the workplace at the various companies.

The companies will be contacted, and invited to view/read the students’ flyers. It is hoped that they [the companies] will take an interest by inviting the students on field trips to tour their facilities in “career mode”. Company-funded scholarships will also be suggested.

Click on company flyers to view a selection of thumbnail images, and then click on the images to view/read the publications. Note: images and information used strictly for educational purposes.