Bullying Digital Art [2011 - 2012]

Eighth grade students at Raul Yzaguirre School For Success [RYSS], Houston, Texas, U.S.A. participated in a classroom assignment involving GIMP 2 [Photoshop equivalent] photo software and research re: bullying via the Internet. They were tasked to translate their research in photo software as Digital Art. As a result, greater understanding of the social problem came to the forefront with acquired skills of manipulating photographs ... utilizing various tools and filters within the software.

Digital Artists abound in all sectors as a part of this Digital Revolution we find ourselves a part of these days, which means this classroom process was also vocational in terms of building graphics software skills. Another interesting aspect to this project/process is the fact that the students took the research in stride to be able to visualize their understanding of bullying as art and in this case, Digital Art.

Photographs for the manipulations were downloaded from the Internet strictly for educational purposes.

Click on BULLYING to view the students' Digital Art.

Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power. It can include verbal harassment, physical assault or coercion and may be directed persistently towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability. The "imbalance of power" may be social power and/or physical power. The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a "target." [wikipedia.org]

RYSS Digital Art Slide Show

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Song ["Billy is a Bully" (#370)] by Mark Shepard, NLPT
Bullying Prevention Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Educator