DA_LA7_RYSS, 2010-2011

Middle school students [7th grade] at Raul Yzaguirre School For Success [RYSS], Houston, Texas, U.S.A. participated in a classroom assignment involving GIMP 2 [Photoshop equivalent] photo software and vocabulary building through word identification/meaning via the Internet.

The students were given Grade 7 Language Arts [TEKS/TAKS] words to research the meaning of online then translate those meanings in photo software as Digital Art. As a result, vocabulary enhancement came to the forefront with acquired skills of manipulating photographs ... utilizing various tools and filters within the software.

This cognitive and creative process placed the students in an environment of hands-on with photo software and the requirement of researching the word meanings to translate them into Digital Art through visualization. Digital Artists abound in all sectors as a part of this Digital Revolution we find ourselves a part of these days, which means this classroom process was also vocational in terms of building graphics software skills. Another interesting aspect to this project/process is the fact that the students took the vocabulary building assignments in stride to be able to visualize their word meanings as art and in this case, Digital Art.

Disclaimer: photographs for the manipulations were downloaded from the Internet strictly for educational purposes.

Online exhibition [Note: as you view the images, you'll notice the embedment of the words.]: