Homelessness PowerPoint Presentations [2012-2013]

Eighth grade students used PowerPoint to create presentations about homelessness. The presentations online are a selection from the 8th grade class. They researched homelessness on the Internet, and then utilized the information and their own words along with visuals to talk about, and advocate the end and prevention of this social problem. The presentations are an embellishment of their compositions written earlier. They can be accessed by clicking on Advocacy Essays.

The students were tasked to move their compositions to presentation format to become advocates ... take action ... to end and prevent homelessness. They used a microphone/amplifier to hone their public speaking skills in front of an audience (their classmates). Their approach to the subject matter was discussed in terms of PowerPoint design and presentation of content. This activity was in response to a learning service (campaign) initiative by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

They also created Digital Art to call even greater attention to the plight of the homeless, and celebrate their humanity. Go to HDA to view.

Note: pictures were downloaded from the Internet strictly for educational purposes. Click on thumbnails to view movie (wmv) versions of the presentations (Allow for downloading time.).

Jovany Aguirre Jazmin Banda Jennifer Barajas Cristal Covarrubias
Adrian Delgado Elena Flores Maribel Garza Ana Gonzalez
Crisante Guzman Fernando Huerta Yailine Izarraras Rene Lopez
Jennifer Luna Malberth Mairena Abigail Manzano Jesus Martinez
William Mora Jennifer Morales Francisco Moreno Samuel Palacios