Facebook Search/Research - Immigration [2012 - 2013]

Immigration is in the news as the American Congress deals with this issue in the context of an estimated 11 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally. Seventh grade students were tasked to search/research Immigration via Facebook, and then copy/paste their findings along with their comments into Microsoft Word to create a report. The exercise was a "one-shot" approach involving a 50-minute time period (per class) to also instill work ethic, time-management concerns and responsible behavior for delivering a product (report) within a time constraint or deadline.

There was a realization by the students that Facebook was much more than just a "play toy" to have fun with their classmates and friends. There was an "immediacy" to Facebook. Their search/research was based on "the NOW" and comments made by contemporaries. "Humanity" came to the forefront due to the "social networking" nature of Facebook.

A selection of reports from the 7th grade students follows (Click on initials below to open their reports in PDF format.

O.A. P.A. F.C. L.C. M.C.
C.D. V.D. A.E. R.G. A.H.
B.H. K.J. J.M. J.M. S.M.
J.N. J.P. N.P. A.R. A.R.
A.S. E.S. T.S. S.T. A.V.
G.V. A.Z.